Unusual news from the South of England

There is always something strange or unusual going on in the South of England. Here's a round-up of the some of the more surprising things that have happened recently.

Ghost Caught on Snapchat

A man from Crayford spotted a spooky image when he was using the messaging service in August of 2016. Hugo Smith was in Bournemouth when the social media app froze revealing the paranormal face looking back at him. After viewing this creepy picture Hugo said he made a quick escape out of the room and needed a stiff drink.

Herons and Swans Inundate Thamesmead and Woolwich Shops

Thamesmead and Woolwich have been inundated with birds shopping and dining out. A fried chicken restaurant has had a heron wanting to try out its famous chicken dinners for a couple of years. The heron has been seen regularly staring forlornly at the diners inside. A large supermarket and retail park had a family of swans out for the day at the shops and then trying to hail a taxi home by occupying the taxi rank. Everyone, even birds it seems, enjoys a trip to the shops and a quick fast food meal sometimes.

Jack Russell Escapes From Local Park and Travels 8 Miles

Ernest Bado's Jack Russell, known as Billy, was feared lost in October 2016 when he ran away during a trip to the park. After searching the park for over an hour Ernest feared the worst, but a local vet gave hope with the news that the dog had been spotted heading in the direction of his home. Sadly a neighbour missed the chance to grab Billy when they inadvertently scared him away. The Jack Russell was then sighted heading towards Crystal Palace and Ernest set off in his car to search for the dog. He had no luck in finding the 2-year-old dog and Ernest gave up sadly going to bed. But, the dog mysteriously turned up at 2 am on a friend's doorstep in Lewisham. Ernest is delighted that his little Billy had turned up, but will be forever mystified as to how such a small dog travelled 8 miles all on his own.

ET Spotted in a Tree

A Blackfen father and daughter had a surprising image appear when they were recently doing a bit of gardening. ET the extraterrestrial appeared in wood form when they chopped down a tree. They plan to keep the piece of wood and polish it up as an unusual piece of art as seeing Elvis or Jesus appear is one thing, but it's not every day you spot ET.

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