Newick Cricket Club Receives A Shot In The Arm

TR Fastenings, an organisation based in Uckfield, has announced continued financial support for Newick Cricket Club for this season.

Over the last few years, TR Fastenings has been sponsoring the Division 1 status cricket club and the funds provided have been used to upgrade the pavilion at Templegrove, the scorebox at King George V Playing Field, and repair the slip catcher and the sightscreen.

Coming at a time when cricket clubs are cutting down on the number of teams they field owing to financial constraints, TR Fastening's latest move is good news to Newick. Having played for Newick since the end of the 70s, Piers Morgan has been organising matches between his family and the Newick side. This year's tournament is taking place on July 29.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Geoff Budd, TR Fastening’s Director, reiterated their commitment to nurturing young talent and securing the future of the Newick Club. "We are proud that our financial support is helping keep the club in tip-top shape," he said.

Newick plays in the East Sussex Cricket League and holds a Division 1 status. Continuous funding from sponsors, such as TR Fastenings, has helped lift the club into the limelight, with four senior teams and several flourishing junior teams.

Consequently, Newick has become popular among the local people, drawing a massive audience when they hold competitions. The improved playing surfaces, and top notch equipment, thanks to sustained funding, have enabled the club to maintain its Division 1 status.

Some of the other cricket clubs in Sussex are struggling under the weight of financial shortages, and can hardly cope with the prevailing conditions. Their stadia and equipment may not be as good as Newick’s, and therefore, they don’t have a massive following.

Following the announcement from TR Fastening, Newick Cricket Club can breathe a sigh of relief, and walk confidently into the future. They may consider purchasing more facilities, expanding the stadium, and holding more tournaments within the year. This sponsorship is going to help the club push its boundaries a little further.

In the spirit of building the sport and encouraging young people to develop their talent, it is important that more sponsors come up and provide financial assistance. State authorities should also consider joining the fray and help develop cricket in the country.

Newick Cricket Club is looking forward to a fruitful and long-lasting relationship with TR Fastening. It is their hope that they will continue to receive funding. But for now, everything is okay!

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