Top accolade for family friendly museum

For hundreds of years, museums have been a place where people can go for scientific or cultural enrichment; whether that be in the form of famous pieces of art, or ancient fossils, to scientific understandings of how the world around us work. Yet in our family-driven society, where various 'open to the public' institutions (such as museums) need to cater towards all members of the family, it can be tricky to design exhibits in a way that can interest people of all ages, from the very young to the very old.

Fortunately, museums which put in the effort to try and be as family friendly as possible do get the chance to be noticed, in the form of the 'Family Friendly Museum Award.' This is a distinguished accolade which is bestowed upon one museum each year. The 2016 award went to the York Art Gallery.

For a museum to receive this award, it needs to receive nominations, whether those nominations be from parents, children, visitors, visitor organisations and even the museums themselves. When a museum wins, not only will they receive an award but it would also help in putting the museum on the map, which subsequently will attract more customers through the doors.

To help to win this award (and other such awards) many museums are now aiming to make their displays more interactive, which can help them to attract people of all ages, instead of just those who happen to have a curiosity in the particular topic of the museum (art, science, etc.)

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