Parking scores low on otherwise positive windsor tourism report

Windsor is a town famous not only for being home to her royal majesty, Queen Elizabeth II but also for its history and architectural train stations. And with an annual tourist population of over 7 million visitors a year, Windsor is popular amongst visitors not just from around the UK but also from overseas as well (with most overseas residents coming from the USA).

Yet a few years back, a survey undertaken by Tourism South East on what tourists visiting Windsor liked and disliked about the city had discovered that out of the negatives mentioned, the regularly mentioned ones were over-crowdedness, difficulty in parking and cost of parking.' Notice how two of the negatives were based around parking.

As someone who lives within driving distance of Windsor, I can personally vouch for the costs of parking and how, after just leaving my car in one of the main car parks, I would come back to find I owe between £3-£5. And it seems that many others are beginning to consider the parking costs of Windsor, since in recent years, the town has dropped in the list of desirable locations which tourists visit in the UK. It used to be in the top 20 but in 2013, it fell to 21st and in more recent years, Windsor has fallen in popularity even further.

According to Windsor chairwoman Cllr Eileen Quick, "One of our major problems in Windsor is parking and traffic and it is something that is on our minds constantly." Since stating that, Windsor parking charges haven't really reduced in price so I can only guess that the powers that be haven't yet decided to take heed to the damage which high parking charges and lack of ease in parking is causing. One can only hope that action is taken to remedy this situation!

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