Food festival lapped up by regional tourism awards

They are often hidden from plain sight, but can quite often be the gems of many local communities. These are local specialty restaurants that serve their customers unique flavours that help to distinguish them from larger franchise brands.

This year they were put on display at the newly created Somersyde food festival which was hosted by the local business improvement association. Created to highlight some of the finest foods in the region this food festival was designed to help bring out locals into their communities and support small business.

One highlight this year: the focus on regional tourism and selling the region's finest products to the world at large. As a result many regional tourist associations were invited to take part and profile some of the the most notable restaurants in the area. One award was for the local famous barbecue fish and chips, which is a daily tradition for many families and a local must for all who are passing through.

The Somersyde food festival is a new annual food festival that is designed to promote the local specialties of the Somersyde foods industry. In addition to fine dining and take out restaurants, the festival also offers opportunities for local farmers to bring their products into the city and sell fresh produce to local residents.

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