Restaurants in Milton Keynes Receive Invitation to Enter FreeFrom Awards

There is good news for restaurants situated in Milton Keynes which cater to customers having food allergies as they are being invited for nominating themselves for the FreeFrom Eating Out Awards. Launched by the FoodsMatter team, these awards were first started nine years ago. Thanks to the efforts of the team and the publicity garnered by the awards, the FreeFrom foods in the retail section of the country grew from strength to strength. Owners of schools, hospitals, canteens, take-aways, pubs,

The primary objective of the awards is to encourage and promote innovation as well as celebrate excellence in the FreeFrom food industry. The awards is basically funded by sponsor companies and entry fees paid by participants. There is a wide range of subjects covered here, mostly concerning food allergy or intolerance and related health conditions such as skin allergies, gluten-related disorders, coeliac disease and so on.

This year, the FreeFrom Eating Out Awards will start on June 14, 2017 and applicants can send in their entries online at the official website of FreeFrom Eating Out Awards. As always, they need to fill out a form, a sample of which is given on the website in order to assist the participants. The deadline for submission is September 10, 2017. However, nominees who submit their entries before 15th July will get a 10% discount on their entry fees. The shortlist of the awards will be out somewhere during the end of October. The presentation of the awards will happen Food Matters Live, the only cross-sector event in UK, which is scheduled for 21st to 23rd November in ExCeL, London.

What’s exciting about this year is that there are new categories opened to participants such as Crème de la Crème and Focus on Gluten. Of course there are specific conditions for these award categories and only those who fulfil the conditions are eligible to submit their entries. The entry criteria for all categories are different, therefore it is recommended to check the website for specific details. The 2017 Free From Awards has 10 categories, which is quite a generous spread and the restaurants in Milton Keynes are advised to make the most of these by participating actively.

All those who have entered for the awards will receive a full listing on ‘Can I Eat There?’ directory free of cost. The outlets which have been shortlisted for the awards would enjoy a premium listing on their website, this is again complimentary.

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