Burglar Snatches War Medals

Bristol police have launched thorough investigations into the stealing of war medals, from a 91-year old man, by thieves who broke into his house yesterday early morning. According to the reports from Mr. James Wailer, the medal owner, the medals were stolen from his kitchen work surface. Mr. Wailer said that he had placed the medals on the kitchen surface whilst preparing to clean up on his return from a shopping trip on April 25 at around 1:00 p.m.

When he came back from shopping, he discovered that his Bristol home had been broken into and all the medals were missing. When interrogated further, he told the police that he suspected that someone had gained access to his house via the rear door whilst he was away shopping.

Amongst the collection of the stolen medals were a bronze 39/45 star, a long police service star medal and a Germany Star medal. There was also a France Star medal and a 5th battalion Coldstream Guard medal. All stolen medals were engraved with Mr. Wailer's name. A black wallet with gold lettering and a silver French Legion d'Honneur were also stolen. The national order of the Legion is a respected decoration in France established in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte. The medal is awarded on rare occasions as a way of appreciating genuine effort and exemplary commitment in the armed forces. Recently, the medal was awarded to veterans who took part in the bloody D-Day landings. The D-Day landings are well remembered for turning the tide of war in the Allies' favour which ended in the defeat of Adolf Hitler's prolonged grip on Europe.

The police say that the suspects may be on the move because of the unique identity of the medals. The investigation department has appealed to the general public to be on the lookout and help in identifying and tracking down the suspects. Anyone who has useful information that may lead to the arrest of the suspects should contact the police emergency line quoting the reference 3421892245.

In another account, police in Birmingham are also reported to be in pursuit of burglars believed to have stolen at least four service medals awarded to the father of the owner of a house. Among the missing medals are a Defence Medal, an African Star, a British war medal and the famous 1939-45 Gold Star medal. The suspects also escaped with a Blackberry mobile phone and a three-dial, Old Russian watch.

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